Thank Yourself

November 21, 2016


On Thursday evening, when we sit down to dinner surrounded by all of our loved ones, we should not only remember to give thanks to everyone that helped us during a time of need but also to ourselves for not giving up when things seemed bleak. 




Without a doubt, 2016 has been a rough year for everyone. There hasn't been quite a lot of "happy" going around and in contrast there just seems to be more pessimism in the air. Businesses have suffered all across the country. Households have also had to endure additional stress as a whole and each one of us has, without a doubt, had to address personal conflicts at some point.


We must learn to welcome these obstacles because when things are always going well, we cannot fully appreciate them. We need these rough times so that we can fully embrace and cherish when things are looking up for us.


So we made it to the end of the year, and as we get ready for 2017...we have to find some pride in ourselves to acknowledge our endurance during these trying times. Remember how you thought you wouldn't get past that rough month of April? and again in August? and now it's almost December and you're still here fighting through it. That takes resiliency and courage that some don't ever see themselves as having normally.


So when you thank your loved ones, your friends, your colleagues, your boss, and whoever else....also remember to give yourself a shout in that moment because you fought for yourself more than anyone else. That is why people help others, because they see the fight in them. They see the fight in YOU....and that is why this year has taught us all some very hard lessons.


We needed these lessons to grow, to become immune to them, to evolve through them. Without that challenging situation, we wouldn't be as strong as we are now. 2016 has been a trying period without a doubt, and surviving this year without mentally breaking or worse isn't something to be overlooked.


So Thank You for your fight and I hope you reflect and thank yourselves after you have thanked everyone else on your list.


Happy Holidays!!

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