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Any deposits (cash, checks or credit card authorization) will be non-refundable for any reason, if any cancellation occurs from renter's side. Deposits are charged on the credit card you provide with this contract/reservation. Taxes are applicable with all credit card transactions so balance due amounts above may by slightly off. The open balance is due immediately at the beginning of the agreed job. The renter authorizes the immediate 20% deposit & the final payment, states that she/he is the authorized purchaser for this rental contract, the authorized cardholder for the given credit card, responsible and liable for payment of the total amount, per cash, credit card or money order. No personal or business checks will be accepted.
You have 48 hrs (prior to the job) to cancel at no charge for limo and SUV bookings. You have 12 days (prior to the job) to cancel at no extra charge (besides deposit) for any bus bookings. Cancellations made within less than 48-hrs for limos / 12 days for buses (prior to the job) will be charged an additional cancelation fee of $150.00-sedans limos / $250.00-SUV limos / $300.00-buses - on top of the deposit that you provided. Cancellations made within less than 18-hrs (prior to the job) for limos and 12 days (prior to date of event) for buses will be charged a full price of the booked ride. All cancellations have to be submitted in writing and they have to be confirmed with a cancellation confirmation number. If you would like to postpone a service for another date you will be charged an administration fee.



  2. $ 20.00 per broken glassware

  3. $ 50.00 gum in the carpet, floor, seat, etc.

  4. $ 200.00 when you open ESCAPE HATCH for no reason in NON EMERGENCY situation. You can open the hatch only if you have to exit during emergency.

  5. $ 200.00 minimum for extensive cleanup (spills, etc.)

  6. $ 200.00 detailing and wax (due to vomiting - exterior)

  7. $ 200.00 shampoo and disinfecting (due to vomiting - interior)

  8. $ 50.00 interior deodorizing

  9. $ 100.00- 150.00 for glitter or confetti clean up

  10. $ 1000.00 - $3000.00 per damaged seat, $ 300.00 per damaged carpet, $ 750.00 per damaged mirror, and $1000-up for anything else

  11. $ 300.00 minimum for each burn hole, rip or tear to upholstery

  12. $ 500.00 minimum for each act of vandalism

  13. $ 100.00 for smoking in the FOR HIRE vehicle (limo is a public place according to NYC laws)

  14. No Food Allowed

  15. $ 500.00 minimum for each act of vandalism

  16. $ 2000.00 opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object

  17. Triple charge of above listed amounts for all removed / stolen items from vehicle

  18. Downtime subject to loss of revenue, per each hour lost as stated in contract Royal Limousine recommends that all and any personal valuables be removed from the vehicle when unattended. We will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged articles

The purchaser authorizes Royal Limousine to charge any additional charges after they have rendered services to the purchasers credit card as supplemental charge. A 20% administrative charge will be added to your total charge as well as 8.25% tax if you are paying with a credit card. The payment is due at the beginning of the rental time whether its Cash or Credit. Customer agrees to have Royal Limousine get an authorization for the above credit card and amount, for the event stated above.

Contracted price is set for contracted pickups, addresses, time and number of passengers and continuous hours. If you book a car for a block of hours - you can not brake up these hrs. Instead you have to make a separate reservation that is at least 3 hrs minimum. As indicated in the contract, any extra passengers traveling in the vehicle are subject to extra charge. Royal Limousine rates are billed, including, applicable fees / taxes and a 20% administrative charge. administrative charge includes fuel charges, car wash, clean ups before and after the job, supplies for the limo (napkins, refreshments, alcohol, etc). If you feel that you would like to provide an additional gratuity it is at your sole discretion. If, you choose to provide an additional cash gratuity; it is at your sole discretion, and is only in addition to the 20% administrative charge you have already paid for.

Bus rentals have special regulations: No jumping from top of the seats. No sitting on top of backrest with feet on the seat. Passenger below 21 years of age must have a chaperon that is at least 35 years of age. That chaperon is responsible for all those young passengers, what they do and what they bring on the bus. All bags will be checked when under-aged passengers are coming on board. All pocket contents of your jackets, pants, etc. must be shown to the driver. If we catch any of the underaged passengers with alcohol - job is over, everyone has to leave the vehicle. If you don't leave the vehicle, drier has the right to call the Police to have everybody removed. No refund for breaching a contract. You loose all the money you paid. So make sure no underaged passengers have any illegal substances like alcohol, drugs, etc. If you have a mix of adults and underaged passengers - No liquor can be present onboard. There is no smoking of any kind by adults or teens. If you start smoking - job is terminated with no refund. Please have a seat when bus is in motion. We are not responsible for injuries happened to clients while the bus is in motion and people are not sitting in their seats. Customer is fully liable for injuries happened while bus is in motion if not sitting in your seat. Everything in the bus is recorded on a DVR with a few CCTV cameras so we have proof of anything happening on the bus. No horse-playing of any kind. No hanging from the rails (they are there to help you stand up). We are not responsible for any belongings left in the bus while client is not present in the vehicle. No opening of Escape Emergency roof hatch or Emergency exit windows. Penalty is $150. That endangers rest of the passengers. Please be advised that buses are commercial vehicles and have to take particular routes to get to destinations. It will take longer to get to destinations unlike a car. They have to take special bus routes. Tolls for buses are more expensive than regular cars so don't be surprised. Buses can not turn onto certain streets or park in certain places. In that case clients have to walk to the nearest location where the bus is allowed to stand. Buses can not idle anywhere in NYS or NJ. Bus idling is not allowed so the inside equipment may not be turned on while the bus is standing or parked (no lights, no AC, no heat). At the time of booking, there will be a fee of $300 put on hold on your credit card as a security in case of any extensive cleanups, damages, overtimes, cancellations etc. It's only put on hold. Its is not part of your total. It's only there as a security. Bus bathroom rules: No smoking, No female products allowed in the toilet, No pooping, No vomiting, No dumping of napkins, press foot pedal to flush. Please let all passengers of the bus know of these rules. If you brake these rules – there will be extra fines involved.

Royal Limousine reserves the right to terminate this or any other contract for noncompliance of the above requests, especially if renters do not follow chauffeurs requests in order to obey the rules in this contract. Royal Luxury Limousine has the right to terminate the job if minors (anybody under 21 years old) are consuming alcohol beverages on board of our vehicles. No customer can consume liquor/alcohol if even one person is below age of 21. Royal Luxury Limousine has a right to end the job early if we think that customer is putting the driver in danger, not letting him do his job to fullest extend, calling him names, misbehaving, being too drunk or to high, acting aggressively or is under 21 and consuming alcoholic beverages, etc. In that case everybody will be removed from the vehicle and you lose all the money because you forfeit the contract. If you will not leave the vehicle when asked, we have the right to call the Police and have them remove you from the vehicle.

No smoking is allowed in our vehicles. No food is allowed as well. As with all contracts, the rental contract between the mentioned person as renter and Royal Limousine is made with the information and the terms given to us. All of the given information from the renter is binding and cannot be changed without Royal Limousine acceptance. If the contract is cancelled or accepted after it is signed, Royal Limousine is still authorized to collect the remaining balance in full, if the car was not re-rented again on the cancelled date for the same or higher amount. We will reserve the said date upon the approval of the purchaser's credit card as per online reservation. The credit card holder gives Royal Luxury limo authorization to use the credit card information over the phone/fax/internet. It is agreed that it is not necessary to obtain a signed credit card slip, as the reservation is made over the phone/fax/internet.
Proof of identity of the purchaser using said credit card must be supported by the signed contract/credit card authorization via fax or in person. At time of pickup we need the credit card, state identification of the purchaser that authorizes the transaction for the signed contract. If the purchaser cannot provide all of the above items at the time of pickup, Royal Limousine will not start the job, as we have no proof of the legal possession of the credit card. Therefore the risk of not getting paid will give us the right to cancel. The purchaser is still fully responsible to pay the total amount as he failed to provide the above requirements.

We are not responsible for lost/not received confirmations when booking via internet. Some clients have spam blockers on and sometimes confirmations don't get through. It's customer's responsibility to call and get a confirmation number. It is of particular importance that the purchaser makes allowances for anticipated delays and adheres to the agreed time schedule. In the event that the purchaser wants to change the time of the itinerary, they may do so, only if Royal Limousine can accommodate other clients that booked with Royal Limousine prior to or after the said time. The purchaser further agrees to pay additional charges incurred such as overtime, tolls, parking etc.

Royal Limousine cannot guarantee the availability of overtime because sometimes we have jobs scheduled right after each other. Overtime for airport jobs is charged in 30 minute increments, extra stops are charged $20 - $40. If customer fails to show at designated pick up location (NO SHOW), the full amount of contracted time will be charged. On all reservations you will be considered a no-show at 30 minutes (1 hr for Intl. Arrivals requiring Customs Clearance) past your scheduled pick-up time; if you have not met your Chauffeur or contacted us by phone, you will be charged in full for the reservation. We track arrival time with most of the airlines. Some airlines don't have automated arrival system in which case we can not track the flight. If we can track the flight, we send the driver accordingly to the scheduled arrival time. We are not responsible for any flight time changes occurred once the driver gets to the airport. In that case waiting time is applied while the driver waits for the delayed passenger to come in. To avoid being charged as a no-show, do not leave your location without contacting Royal Limousine by phone. On all the other limousine transfers or packages Royal Limousine provides up to a 10 minute grace period at pick-up; before wait time charges apply at the hourly rate of the vehicle + 20% administrative charge billed in 1 hour increments.
Royal Limousine is not responsible for traffic encountered during vehicle rental time and any delays caused by directions instructed to the driver by passengers. Point to Point Transfers include all Airport Transfers, Cruise Port Transfers, Point A to Point B Transfers and all non hourly reservations. Royal Limousine will not be responsible for injuries that may occur due to horse playing while the vehicle is in motion or at a standstill.

Royal Limousine are not responsible for items that are left in the vehicle (during or after the job), lost or damaged. Royal Limousine reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. The rate will be equal to the rate of an Airport Transfer to your location plus 20% Chauffeur gratuity. Royal Limousine Chauffeur's will assist with luggage at a client's request, but assume no liability for doing so.

Royal Limousine will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person not of legal drinking age. All U.S. law enforcement agencies have absolute power to stop any motor vehicle for administrative searches. If contraband is aboard, even in negligible quantities without the chauffeurs knowledge, they can seize and forfeit this vehicle to a local government agency. All law enforcement agencies are aggressively enforcing this policy. Therefore no person will bring contraband aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Royal Limousine. The purchaser agreeing to this contract is responsible for his or her guests.

If any payment due hereunder will be unpaid (10) ten days after the due date, hereon Royal Limousine will have the right to add and collect late charges with interest at maximum rate allowed by law. All such sums are due and owing with any other expenses, (filing fees, court cost, and reasonable attorney fees, etc.). Necessarily injuries by reason of such non-payments, I the credit card holder / purchaser agree to pay Royal Limousine upon signing of this contract. I am satisfied with the terms and conditions above and fully understand and agree. If, for any reasons, I am not fully satisfied with the services I receive, I have 12 hours after the completion of the job to file a complaint in writing. If Royal Limousine does not receive my written complaint in the above stated timeframe, I agree, that there is no valid complaint and I am fully satisfied with the services I received. Filing a written complaint, insures both parties, that it is fully understood what the problem was, and should help Royal Limousine to assist the purchaser in any kind of reimbursement. The purchaser will be contacted within a week of the complaint to settle the matter. I understand that this is a separate case from the main contract and therefore have no dispute in general against Royal Limousine and the payment I authorized.

Since Royal Limousine offers high-tech-equipped vehicles, sometimes heat, air condition and excessive use of all power-operated equipment might be subject to temporary failure. In winter, things like smoke machine will not be operational because of the outside temperatures unable to turn liquid into vapor. In Winter all liquids and gases act different and make things inoperable. Sometimes winter outside temperatures will cause the jet door shocks not to hold in place.This will of course not interfere with the safety of the vehicle itself and therefore will have no effect on continuing or paying of the contracted trip. Royal Limousine guarantees, that all our vehicles are constantly checked to keep the highest possible standards and eliminate such failures as much as possible. Royal Limousine agrees to send the requested vehicle as offered in the contract. We have the right to upgrade the vehicles or switch the vehicles in case of emergency breakdown or if vehicles were in accidents. As stated, this will only happen in emergencies, and to upgrade, never downgrade. If no upgrade is available, Royal Limousine gives the customer the right to downsize the vehicle and receive additional discounts if wanted. No additional charges will occur on customer side if upgrade is made without customer request. If switching occurs in the same category, or upgrades are made, it will not affect the contract and / or payment of contract. Customer's therefore accepts that replacement limousine may be substituted if contracted limousine becomes unavailable for any reason.

If any of our above guarantees or contractual terms cannot be met due to conditions outside of our control, including weather, accidents and any other acts of god, including, but not limited to traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, weather delays, road closures etc., we will use our best efforts to notify the customer of these conditions and resulting delays or changes. It is our call to cancel or change a trip if the cars can not move around in eq. snow. If the cars can move around the hazard, contract is still valid and customer is obligated to his part of the bargain. Royal Limousine reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the Operator or the Dispatcher on duty feels that the Renter and /or Party of the Renter is putting the Operator or the mode of transportation or the Renter/and/or Party of the Renter in danger of injury. Or, if the Renter and/or Party of the Renter are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, this service will be canceled without refund. This is without exception.

Royal Luxury Limousine reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the Operator or Royal Limousine Dispatcher on duty feels that the Renter and /or Party of the Renter is putting the operator/driver or the mode of transportation or the Renter/and/or Party of the Renter in danger of injury or threats. Or, if the Renter and/or Party of the Renter are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, this service will be canceled without refund. This is without exception.